So I just upgraded from my 1st Generation Macbook Pro to a Macbook Air. Pretty much everything has been a seamless transition except “transferring” my iTunes library. I put “transferring” in quotes because in our household we actually manage our media via a networked external hard drive. So theoretically there shouldn’t have been much transferring involved. Long story short as I was importing my library file, deleting library file, re-adding it, adding new songs etc. etc..I ended up with music on my local hard drive anyway which I am trying to avoid.

A quick google search and the solution to the problem emerges, by way of the site

At some point or another I figure I’m going to have to do this again. So below are the steps I took to get everything back in order. Note: This is the procedure for Mac OSX.

1. Copied over the music folder from my local drive into my external drive.

2. Opened up Terminal and entered the following:

rsync -r /Volumes/Source of Music to Merge/ /Volumes/iTunes/Destination Folder

3. Hit enter and let the process run its course

4. Verify all files have been copied to the destination folder

5. Delete extraneous duplicate files if desired

Done! Hope you find this helpful too.

Notes: -r ensures all subdirectories in the source are captured.  This script also didn’t seem to play well when trying to copy files from my local drive to the external, so this seems to work best when both directories are on the same drive. I also imagine this could be used to do bulk moves on just about any files that require relocation.